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Изключително съм недоволен от престоя си в Tradologic. Реално истинското име на фирмата е ГЛОБЪЛ КРИЕЙТИВ СОЛЮШЪНС ЕООД. Има много свестни колеги, но като цяло обстановката и възможностите за.Which is officially located at 5 Varbitsa Street, Sofia 1504 Bulgaria. is offering investors the new Tradologic CFD Forex trading software.Предложения за работа от водещи компании в България. Не знаем кои са професиите на бъдещето, но има шест области, в които можем да развиваме децата, казва Явор Джонев, основател на Фондация за образователна.Posts tagged as “Tradologic” Broker scams and fund recovery – FinTelegram and EFRI arrived in Israel. Gal Barak Case – The Communication Protocols with the Wolf of Sofia, Gery Shalon, and Vladislav Smirnov about millions for FinTelegram and their EFRI support. Groß und handelskauffrau ausbildung. The crackdown starts as Israel’s Police swoop and begin arrests.Today, a 38 year old binary options brand owner was arrested in Tel Aviv on account of fraud, blackmail, making threats and operating a false trading system – basically the exact ethos of what binary options is all about.Are the perpetrators finally about to face the music?During the past few months, Finance Feeds has been instrumental in conducting in-depth research into the methods by which the fraudulent binary options ‘industry’ works, and has made substantial reporting efforts for what we consider to be the greater good of the genuine electronic trading industry.

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TRADOLOGIC, the Sofia-based provider of Forex trading software, today announced that its products will support binary options based on virtual currencies, including Bitcoin and Litecoin. Brokers that are partners of TRADOLOGIC and make use of the company's solutions for trading binary options will be able to offer their clients to trade with options that have Bitcoin and Litecoin as underlying assets.Tag tradologic. AND ITS BACKGROUND During the recent days, there has been a lot of excitement about our article about the Scam Group From Sofia, “Ilan.Successful arrest of the “Wolf of Sofia“, as is the alias of the Israeli Gal. they are based on the platform of the Bulgarian company Tradologic. Handle a husband. Is an online bookmaker. The website has operations in Asia licensed by the. In October 2014, SBOBET launched in the financial betting sector in partnership with TRADOLOGIC. articles that wrongly suggested that SBOBET was responsible for fixing the football match between Levski and CSKA Sofia.This information has also been confirmed by Tradologic. The sole director of Tradologic is Gal BARAK as we have already reported in our “Wolf of Sofia” article.TRADOLOGIC will protect its patented products even more aggressively in the future and file a lawsuit against companies that continue to violate its rights.

The binary options fraud, which largely has emanated from Israel over the past few years, has done tremendous damage to the country’s reputation as a pillar of the business community, caused extreme misery for millions of victims globally and is at the top of the list of the country’s priorities.Although most of the fraudulent binary options businesses do not operate within Israel – binary options is illegal in Israel – they register their firms offshore, layer their companies in a method by which former US and Israeli secret agent Haggai Carmon said resembles “terrorism and espionage activities” and target customers in overseas nations where Israel’s government has no jurisdiction, hence they have thus far got away with it.A trip to the centers of where these entities exist will reveal the sordid nature of the beast – very unpleasant, and operated by semi-literate villains who have raked in millions and rule their entities by fear. Eur usd forex strategies. Indeed, many dissenters of the industry have received physical threats from owners of binary options brands, and their respective market makers, something that is alien to any civilized electronic trading center globally, (and that I have never ever witnessed in my 26 year career – Ed).Today, in Tel Aviv, the Police have finally begun to hold the government true to its word, and have begun arresting owners of binary options firms.The police have today arrested a 38 year old binary options brokerage (brand) owner, the charge being that he is suspected of receiving money fraudulently and conducting extortion by threats.According to the Police, this particular individual owns a binary options brand, and is accused of conducting false trading in binary options and receiving fraudulent money from foreign customers.

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In addition, the man was suspected of the usual antics that we have come to expect from these ghastly indivuduals, that being false company registration, threats and blackmail.The investigation was opened following a complaint by a customer who lives outside of Israel, according to which the company lost more than half a million dollars.The man will be brought today for a remand hearing at the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court. Forex platte modulor. The Sofia Globe and other Bulgarian media outlets have reported that. provided by Tradologic, a binary options platform that was founded in.Technical University of Sofia. Industrial Management Master's Degree, Master of Arts Degree. Marketing Management Financial Analysis Industrial Time.Both companies use trading platforms developed by Tradologic, the Sofia-based provider of software solutions for the binary options sector.

Sofia, 8, Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria. 2. Boryana Milanezi is with the TRADOLOGIC, Sofia, 12. Mihail Tenev Str. 1784, Bulgaria. Similar to “knowledge sharing”.Tradologic is considered as the largest platform for binary options. Tradologic HQ is located in Sofia, Bulgaria and has up to 200 employees. The company started its operation in 2008 and its website is at The niche of the said organization is Computer Hardware & Software.In Europe, the criminal case around the Wolf of Sofia, Gal Barak, and his. Tradologic was also one of the largest white label broker scam. [[Additionally, CEO of Spot Option Pini Peter stepped away from his leadership position earlier this year.As far as disregard for law and order is concerned, the very nature of the companies is anathema to organized and civilized commercial behavior, Weighted platforms that are often operated by those with a propensity toward threats and force that specifically set out to deceive investors globally and are run like boiler rooms by the aggressive elements of the lower end of society are never going to take heed of regulatory bans or laws instigated by the civilized world.For this reason, soliciting clients in the United States, despite it being a securities fraud and despite Banc de Binary having settled with the CFTC for $11 million for failing to cease to onboard US clients, did not deter anyone.


The tower from which the firm operates its business is a hive of illegal activities, being host to companies that illegally call members of the public globally and charge them money on the false premise that they can get them a Green Card to reside in the US (when the only genuine way is directly via the US Department of State) and other lottery and telephone sales based ruses operated by several similarly structured firms.Indeed, Finance Feeds is well aware that in some cases, 75% of revenues of some binary options market makers and several of their brands come illegally from the United States.When Finance Feeds raised this issue with those concerned, a threat of violence was made (and recorded). 4 forex investment plans. Last year, Finance Feeds reported that the Israeli and French police and authorities were working together in order to find and prosecute 15 fraudsters which had been on the boards of directors of several firms in Israel, those being 4XP, BForex, Sisma Capital, Tradaxa and Aston Invest, all of which the French government believe to be involved in a massive scam operation that took an average of €210,000 from each victim in France.The companies involved conducted their business in the usual fashion that is adopted by those who live from the losses of their clients and have deliberately set their firm up to take deposits, then rig the trading platform and never send orders to the markets in order to effectively steal from their customers before cutting and running.The majority of the firms involved were structured in a way in which a holdings company is operated as a ‘service provider’ based in Israel, which then provides outsourced services to a sales desk, also in Israel but under a different name, and then registers its operations in the British Virgin Islands or a similar offshore region, and targets customers across the world but not in Israel itself, where the owners of the companies live.

Most of these firms have since cut and run, and the large majority of their owners are now – yes you’ve guessed it – operating similar fraudulent schemes by running binary options brands.It would be of great benefit to the investing public, and to the genuine electronic trading industry that is run and operated by the most diligent and qualified professionals in the world’s genuine financial markets economy, if this morning’s arrest is the first of many.Finance Feeds continues to support the genuine and bona fide electronic trading industry, retail and institutional, and its respective technology providers that have dedicated their careers to making this one of the most avantgarde and sophisticated business in the world. Börse binäre optionen demokonto. Eliran Saada of Express Target Marketing, which has operated the Secured Options and Inside Option binary options brands was arrested and is now in front of a magistrate for fraud and making threats, something quite common among binary options brand owners It will no doubt come as very good news indeed that the binary options business is beginning to be suffocated by the global regulator and government level discourse against it, as well as the public awakening, in that the shadow cast over our industry by it is likely to disappear, however the damage done will take time to repair Cutting and running is one thing.That is usually what orchestrators of scams do when the heat gets too high.However, outsourcing operations to a call center and sales firm that specializes in this industry, overseas, may allow them to carry on and circumvent any new laws.

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As the net closes in on the fraudulent binary options sector, many brands are now attempting to make a step toward offering FX.When bearing in mind how Tier 1 banks are restricting genuine liquidity to well established firms, the understanding and knowledge that is required to run a bona fide FX firm, and the complete difference in background and career path of leaders, these claims should be viewed with extreme caution Professor Shmuel Hauser, Chairman of the Israel Securities Authority, considers it his responsibility to quash the binary options fraud that is proliferating across the world, deeming it “far more cynical than gambling, as these firms are misrepresenting themselves as legitimate financial enterprises, lying about their whereabouts, rigging their trading platforms and therefore engaging in theft.” Israel reveals its innate corruption as the Knesset deletes important parts of the proposed ban on binary options at the last minute, allowing the underworld to prevail, much to the damage of the online business globally.Has made the worldwide public aware of the gigantic Israeli fraud industry of binary options with her article series “The Wolves of Tel Aviv” 2016. She has stated in her detailed reports that tens of thousands of Israelis have worked in this industry. The fraud industry was the heart of the Israeli startup miracle.Weinglass has often criticized that Israeli politicians would allow this Israeli industry to rip off hundreds of thousands of victims worldwide.After the collapse of the binary options industry, the former kings of investment scams are at war with the authorities, with Fin Telegram but also with themselves.

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Hopefully, this war will destroy them and bring them to justice!Binary options have been prohibited in most jurisdictions since 2018.The booming fraud industry has collapsed since then. Green day boulevard of broken dreams american idiot. This is excellent news for small investors and the financial industry. prosecutors and the regulatory authority CFTC are setting the legal standards with the legal proceedings surrounding the Yukom scam (read Fin Telegram reports).Authorities, regulators, and courts in North America, Australia, Asia, and Europe are currently working intensively on legal processing. In the various proceedings, it was established that there really was no real trade in binary options. Fictitious profits and bonuses were presented to retail investors in their dashboards.In Europe, the criminal case around the , Gal Barak, and his partners are currently making the rounds in the various jurisdictions.