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DT-Swiss aero bladed straight pull spokes with ProLock nipples **Front wheel includes front hub adapters for 5/100mm QR, 15/100mm TA and rear wheel includes Shimano 11 speed freehub rear adapter for 5/135mm QR other adapters sold separatelyDT Swiss 240S, Spank Oozy Trail 395+ Bead Bite Wheelset 29. $1,033.47. DT Swiss 240S, Spank Spike 350 Vibrocore Bead Bite Wheelset 29In order to give you a better service DT Swiss uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.Products. Wheels MTB · Wheels Road · Suspension · Hubs & RWS · Rims · Spokes & Nipples · Merchandising. Dealer locator. Location. Search. Jobs & Career. DT SWISS 29ER WHEELSET. STAN'S CREST 29ER, DT COMP SPOKES This set of 29er DT 240/ Crest wheels were custom built for my carbon Specialized SJ HT 29er. These wheels are extremely light weight and reliable. Although these wheels are durable and race ready. These are an XC wheelset, ideal for riders 180lbs and under.Manuals. Open all. bicycle wheels. user manual. WHEELS ASTM & SYSTEM WEIGHT. PDF. Download. Wheel RC 55 track user manual. PDF. Download.Shop the latest range of DT Swiss Wheels - MTB 29 delivered free to the UK mainland*. 0% APR finance is available on all baskets over £99. Tredz Price Match & hassle free 365 day returns.

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The new X 1900 SPLINE has been revamped to meet the demands of modern cross country bikes and trails. The redesigned rim reduces the weight-to-width.The trails are getting rougher and the demands on the gear and rider are greater. The E 1900 SPLINE has been developed to deal with precisely these re-quirements. With its stiff aluminum rim, lightweight straight pull spokes and proven DT Swiss hubs, this wheel is well-armed for any challenge.Price as reviewed £425. DT Swiss has long been associated with bike wheels, as its original area of expertise was spokes. More recently it has. Exchange rate dollar lempira. Details about DT SWISS R1900 road bike wheelset with Schwalbe Durano tyres. Bike tyres are included in price, Brand of tyres is Schwalbe Durano. Tyres are in perfect condition used max 500km, Rear Cassette is NOT included and will be removed. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.DT Swiss makes wheels for road bikes that will put you at the front of the pack, balancing price with alloy rims and offering super lightweight when with carbon rims. They offer a wide range of budget to super high end wheelsets for MTB too, with 29er wheels and 27.5” wheels so every rider gets their rolling upgrade. and also have a large.DT Swiss Cycling products. View 55 Ads. 9.95. DT Swiss Rear Der 11 Sp Chorus H11 Short. DT Swiss E 1900 27 Spline 30 Wheelset. ABC Bikes Liverpool - Liverpool.

“And because we have highly vertical control of the entire manufacturing process, we can deliver quality at all the various price levels. But the product really does speak for itself.” And while that might sound like hyperbole, we’re inclined to give Barbieri and DT Swiss the benefit of the doubt considering their overall reputation in the cycling world.Indeed, the DT Swiss name is a sought after stamp of approval.Wheels may bear the ENVE or Roval or Bontrager or Syncros name, but it’s often the fact that hub internals or other parts are of DT Swiss origin that’s proudly marched out in marketing material. Options broker resume. DT Swiss 700c Rear Wheels About DT Swiss - Driven by the vision of becoming a worldwide known manufacturer of bicycle components, DT Swiss expanded its product range over the years. Today DT Swiss has established itself as a leading manufacturer of spokes, nipples, hubs, rims, complete wheels as well as suspension systems.I use the DT-Swiss R1900 on my commuter bike, a Cube SL Road Comp 2008. I love the R1900, cheap got a great deal, strong, reliable. They look great but get dirty quickly with the weather I'm having lately -{ They are easy to keep clean, aero spokes and high rim and all.Wheelset dt swiss. Skip to main content. Price and other details may vary based on size and color. DT R 470 Road Disc Brake Gravel CX Bike Wheelset 32 Hole RS505 hubs QR. 9.00 $ 249. 00. FREE Shipping. DT Swiss PR 1400 Dicut Oxic Road Wheel - Tubeless. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1.

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Results 145 - 192 of 8461. Buy DT Swiss and get the best deals ✅ at the lowest prices ✅ on. DT Swiss R1900 700c racing racer bike cycle wheelset rrp £425.DT Swiss says "If aluminum is your number one choice, then so is the RR 21 DICUT®. Wide, asymmetric, lightweight rims make for an outstanding stiffness to weight ratio. At just 1415 g, this wheelset is both extremely practical and perfect for competitions.Just as impressive is how DT Swiss tracks the wheels that come out of Grand. In all cases, the higher numbers equate a lower price point, with. This happens next door to the assembly room, where a high-tech looking machine digitally records actual spoke tension of each wheel, attaches that reading to the wheel’s unique barcode, and then logs all that information in a massive computer database.“This allows us to track where the wheel was built and what tensions it had when it left the facility,” explained Taylor Bushong, who’s part of the DT Swiss marketing team here in Colorado.“It’s a really important part of our quality control process and one that is unique to DT Swiss.” Other functions in this non-descript building in an industrial area on the west side of this small city of 60,000 include rim taping (nearly all DT Swiss wheels come tubeless ready), and application of what they call waterslide decals, a process that literally involves using water to slide the decal onto the rim, then baking said decal into the rim, which makes it more durable and grants greater latitude in terms of artwork.

“It’s not just a stick-it-on decal — and honestly it’s a labor intensive process,” explained Barbieri.“But we want our wheels to have the best look possible and that includes really durable decals.No one wants a basic sticker on premium wheel that just peels off the first time you crash your bike or hit it with a pressure washer.” Further back in the building are areas dedicated to packaging and shipping, spoke manufacturing, and customer service and warranty work. Handels- und service gmbh flughafen stuttgart. [[The spoke operation is especially impressive, cranking out spokes of all lengths at a nearly non-stop pace.Many of those spokes are then boxed and shipped to major distributors such as QBP, BTI, JBI, and OGC, who in turn sell them to your local bike shop’s service department, who can then restring your busted wheel with new high quality DT Swiss spokes.Making spokes is like making a very long bolt we’re told while standing next to a giant spool of wire that’s being fed into a click-clacking spoke making machine.

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Wire first comes off a giant spool and gets straightened and cut.Then a head is put on, the DT Swiss logo is added, and finally threads are rolled.The breadth of length options is huge, ranging from 130mm-315mm in 1mm increments. Executing broker aml. Finally we poke our heads into the warranty and service department, which is located in a smaller, crowded room near the back of the building.Anything that needs fixing in North or South America is routed through here.Most of those returns come from bike shops, but the small team also answers plenty of customer emails and phone calls.

The most common questions these days center around various wheel conversions, we’re told.People are looking to swap from one axle type to another, or moving wheels from an old bike to a new bike.This department also gets a ton of custom wheel build questions. The typical conversation usually involves the customer explaining that they like to ride this way or that way, and want advice on what rim and what spoke and what tire make the most sense for them.It’s a vital service for consumers, but also provides immensely valuable information to DT Swiss.“We take what we learn from consumers and channel that information back into our products,” revealed Bushong.

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“That helps us assure that we are offering the right line-up of products with all the appropriate options.” This brings us back to vast line of mountain bike wheels, where a great example of diversity of choice is within the XR (or cross-country) wheel line.Rim width options include the more traditional 22.5mm, but also the increasingly popular 25mm, which better interfaces with the wider tires that have recently become so popular for all types of riders.“That way if someone wants to run a 2.3 or even 2.35 tire, they’re not going to end up with a bunch of tire squirm,” explained Bushong. “But they’ll still get the benefit of the DT Swiss rim and hub technology.” To discern which wheel offers what features, it helps to understand the DT Swiss naming convention.In all cases, the higher numbers equate a lower price point, with lower numbers, say the 1200 in XRC 1200 Spline, referring to higher end product.“The numbers used to match up with weights back in the 26-inch wheel era,” reveled Barbieri.

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“But now it’s just part of the name.” The number of letters is also revealing, with the C in XRC denoting a carbon rim.This holds true for all the mountain and road wheels.And if there’s no C, it means it’s an aluminum rim. Kiss trading strategie taktik. The numbers also reveal information about the hub, with 12 level wheels receiving the premium DT Swiss 240, while the 1700 gets a 350 hub, and 1900 equates to a standard 3-pawl.Put it all together and you get XRC 1200 Spline 25, which is carbon cross-country wheel with a Spline hub-spoke interface, 240-level hub, and a 25mm internal rim width.It’s a similar story with the expansive all-mountain line, including the XM 1501 Spline One 35 wheels we got to test later in the day at the famed Lunch Loops trail system just south of downtown Grand Junction.